Last Update, June 4, 2016
Who are the 333?

The333 are the pioneers in the commercial use of small UAS operations. The name comes from the section of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 where the FAA is authorized to exempt operators from rules that would prevent you from operating your small UAS in the aerial commercial space.
On the forums, you can share business and marketing tips with other members. Flight and equipment tips and reviews. When Part 107 rules become finalized, we can help each other to transition into becoming Part 107 Commercial UAS Operators.

Sound interesting? Send me an email ( and let’s start a discussion about what can do to help your business.

Better yet, tell me how you can help. Use the links above to send an email or post a comment on the forum.
What’s next?

Join us.  Help us build our membership.  We’re a volunteer-based donation-funded organization.  There are no dues required for membership, but as we grow, expenses will need to be paid.  Be a founding member and help build this organization of small UAS operators.
If you build and fly a model aircraft, be it a quarter-scale P51 or a 1/8-scale Boeing 747, then the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) is your organization.  You belong there and the AMA is your best friend.  But for the small drone operator who is planning a business use of the aircraft for a variety of purposes including photography, videography, mapping, crop examination, construction evaluation and many more, there is no one organization to best represent your interests. is a forum for operators of commercial small UAS to exchange ideas, tips or ask questions of other small UAS operators.
Get this patch - LAST CHANCE

Supporters of can receive this embroidered patch to apply to your logo shirt, ball cap or safety vest.

When the current batch is gone, no more will be made.  The design will be changed to reflect the Part 107 sUAS Operator Certificate.  Click here to go to the donation page.
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The Future?

What happens when the FAA Part 107 rules are finalized and there will be little need to renew your for Section 333 exemptions?  As we will become Part 107 Commercial Drone Operators, your pioneering involvement in Commercial SUAS operations will be legend. You will still be a '333' when the new website and forums, '' goes online.
What can can do to help your business? was created out of the frustration of finding no organization or user group exclusive to the commercial UAS operator.